Friday, January 4, 2008

--The 2008 Workout Club--

--The 2008 Workout Club--

With 2008 upon us, we should come together and form a club, The 2008 Workout Club...also known as...The Club.

This is going to be a club where we put together our workout goals for the year, and help motivate one another to get to our goals by Dec. 31, 2008.

First and foremost, we need to write down and distribute five or six workout specific goals in which we want to accomplish and distribute them to the other members of the group. With every one having the goals, it will help us better attain the goals and motivate one another. The individual goals for the club members will also be approved by the other members of The Club.

Second, there are specific rules for The Club. Everyone's time is valuable, and The Club is no different. When a workout time is agreed upon, by a consensus of the members of The Club, the time stated is the time one is to be in the gym. 2pm means in the gym at 2, not leaving your house at 2. There is a five minute grace period from the time the first members arrive at the gym, with one being there not longer than five minutes before a penalty is enforced. That penalty will go into a pot to be distributed during the year to help us reach The Club's goals.

Third, it is important for us to both track our weightlifting and dietary goals in excel spreadsheets, so we can get a better track of how our goals are progressing during 2008.

People should come in with set workout routines that can be changed when agreed upon by the members who are working out together. It is also encouraged that new workout techniques and information be shared with all members of the group.

There is also some specific terminology to be used inside the gym for different events...

"Pulling a DKM"--coming into the gym, and pulling out excuse after excuse for not doing a workout or for showing up late. Also used after an excessive amount of complaining.

"Pulling a Noah"--when one comes in and lollygags around and prevents or hinders others in The Club from working out.

"Stop Schijing..."--used when a person is engaged in a filibuster preventing a workout from continuing.

"Zamoraing it."--complaining or making any mention about the time spent in the gym.

"Goosing it"--excusive use of quotes during a workout. Can also be used when one no calls and no shows to an agreed workout.

"Latcheming"--excessive talking about specific workout techniques or strategies. Also if one thinks said information may be made up.

"Arnold, Arnold, Arnold"--used when one doesn't want to count while doing reps. Any other person's name can be yelled to help motivate.

"Boom...look at this big-o hunka man"--used before flexing in the mirror, ala Lou Ferrigno in Pumpin Iron.

There is an optional membership fee to come in, and with it, workout shirts as well, to help motivate us. A $15 optional fee is encouraged. For each rule infraction a $1 penalty will be assessed. All monies collected during the year will go into a pot to help us work toward the goals for The Club.

Membership is open to anyone who wants to join. This initial email interest is for the first members of the club. After that, if you want someone to join, you will have a three workout probation period, after which a full club vote will be assessed, with a majority rule to having new members.

Members can also get kicked out for a variety of reasons, which include excessive time delays, DKM, Schijings, etc. should a member want to put it to a vote.

Dan Kim is never allowed in this club.
Colin Boylan can join once he has passed three consecutive drug tests.

Initial members, please get back to me with your goals submitted by January 15, 2008 for review from the other club members.

2008 can be a great workout year for all of us and together, we can make it a great year.

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